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Recently I got  a chance to touch base with my girl Stephanie Tejada who is an orlando native but just recently relocated to California to follow her dreams. Stephanie was one of Orlandos most popular go-go dancers but she didn’t stop there, she ventured out to doing music videos with famous rappers like “Rae Sremmurd” along with debuting as a Florida girl on the very popular show, the “Bad Girls Club”. Stephanie has since spread her wings to fly and opened up her very own online boutique “The Queens Closet” with some drippy jewelry and stylish clothing items and I’m honored to have the opportunity to chat with her. She blessed us with some gems ladies and gents so take heed, here’s some Q&A and this or that let’s get into the mind of Stephanie Tejada.
MissTasha: Why did you want to start your own brand and what challenges did you face?
Stephanie Tejada: It was really about having my own business something like a 9-5 but my own my schedule I’m the boss of. With so many people constantly asking me where I got this or that or even for fashion advice, I wanted a way to bring my sense of fashion to everyone else, so The Queens Closet was born. Like anything else in life haters & negativity will come, I had a lot of people comparing my store to other stores saying I’m trying to copy them, things like that. Another challenge is I didn’t realize how important advertising is. Paid ads are a must and initially I didn’t plan on those financially so it was just a lot of me promoting my ass off lol.

MissTasha: What advice would you give another woman who wants to build her own brand?
Stephanie Tejada: 1st thing you need is a plan. Figure out your cost and the profit you’d like to make before you even start. I’m a strong believer in the Laws of attraction & I think visualization is key. It’s like you have to see your business before it’s even a business. As far as the clothing I suggest staying trendy and with what’s hot but don’t be afraid to add your own thing to it.Make sure you have a big enough budget for advertising as well.

MissTasha: I see recently you’ve moved to California, do you feel this move will help your career and why?
Stephanie Tejada: Absolutely, I loooove Orlando my family friends everything is there,except more opportunity for me as a comedian.As far as The Queens Closet, I can operate and sell from anywhere with wifi. So we are still in business even in Cali.

MissTasha: Were going to do a this or that and a brief explanation of why you made that choice:
MissTasha: Hamburgers or hotdogs?
Stephanie Tejada: Hotdog because you didn’t say cheeseburger
MissTasha: Heels or sneakers?
Stephanie Tejada: Sneakers, I’m a very lively person & love dancing so it’s just more fun lol
MissTasha: Nike or adidas?
Stephanie Tejada: Nike ,I feel Nike has more variety




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