[New Video] Wale – Black is Gold Dir. by 6ix Shoota

1 Posted by - January 12, 2018 - Videos

Wale surrounded by black queens in his new video “Black is Gold”
You may recognize the instrumental, which is taken from D’Angelo’s classic song “Lady” from the 1995 album Brown Sugar. Wale does the beat justice by applying a pinpoint flow and a heartfelt message. “Black is beautiful, baby, black is bold,” Ralph spits on the hook. “Black is black, true, but black is gold,” Wale shouts out various black women on verse two, including Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o. “Look, hey miss Lupita/Hope you know you inspired the future women for us,” Wale raps. “Don’t know your vibe really, just know that your mother Kenyan/Just know that that melanin mesmerizin’ in every picture.” Hardcore Wale fans might notice the song title’s resemblance to another Folarin track, 2010’s “Black & Gold” from his More About Nothing mixtape. While the content of the two songs have pretty much nothing in common, it’s still interesting to note the similar song titles.

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