[New Video] IDK – Pizza Shop ft Yung Gleesh

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IDK is rolling out his latest material like wildfire, as the DMV rapper releases his latest set of visuals for his “Pizza Shop” record. The 25-year-old MC is planning on releasing a music video for each song on his upcoming IWASVERYBAD album, and he’s already off to a great start with the story-telling visuals. The new video shows IDK driving around with Yung Gleesh and some friends before he rolls up on local pizza shop, Three Brothers, to pull a big robbery. IDK has been working with Adult Swim to release IWASVERYBAD in three parts, calling it a “soundtrack.” Being that he wants to release a video for each track on the project, they all may tie together to be like one continuous short film. The end of “Pizza Shop” only alludes that there is more to the story, being that it ends with a cliffhanger.
Peep the video here below

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