(New Music) Russ – Think Twice (Prod. Scott Storch)

0 Posted by - September 14, 2017 - Music, Singles

Produced by Scott Storch, the song showcases Russ’ mad skills behind the mic, dropping more than a little Eminem-style flow on this record. The rhymes are reflective in a similar way that most of his Wolf entries were, combining this raw sense of self with a graceful, almost poetic control over his prose. The major difference might be that he’s starting to put himself and his accomplishments on a pedestal above those of the common man, with lines like: “this aint no Average Joe s**t/this is everyday Russell/Joe got a day job/That’s an everyday struggle.” That sentiment continues throughout much of the lyrics, with a chorus that proclaims that he won’t ever be quiet just because he’s famous. Given his recent politicized T shirt choice, which had him taking a stand on rappers who use lean and Xanax, it’s a statement that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Meanwhile, the production is admittedly less like what Russ fans might be accustomed to hearing on one of his records. More trap-based and even more minimalist than previous tracks that he’s put out, you have to wonder about the creative choice a little bit on that front. I’m not sure it meshes as well with his delivery style, but based on the writing alone, this is hands-down another W for Russ.

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