[New EP] Marcellus Juvann “Carpe Noctum”

1 Posted by - September 14, 2017 - Mixtapes, Music

With his new debut EP titled Carpe Noctum, he is on the rise and with his major W on the VH1 show “Signed”  the Texas-bred, Florida-based rapper and music-maker, Marcellus Juvann is now signed to the The Dream’s label Radio Killa, accompanied by management by ROC nations own Lenny S. The hip-hop, soul EP—which shows major progression since his first self-released EP, gives us insight on some real life moods and struggles. One of my personal favorites is “Lost”where he spits “I was Lost! I ain’t recognize myself, had to take a look at my reflection like you gotta go and get it by yourself, by yourself! Sometimes, sometimes you have to lose yourself just to find yourself”. Marcellus Juvann is one of the few new break through artists who’s songs are relatable and also send a message at same time. We definitely look forward to more from Marcellus and will be following him on his road to success.

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