[New Music] Mahalia – Hold On feat. Buddy

2 Posted by - October 21, 2017 - Singles

The UK singer Mahalia dropped her new track “Hold On” which is featured below. It’s an easygoing, R&B-flecked jam with the kind of slow, winding beat that makes you want to lie back and light a joint. The song is written about her childhood crush like most of her songs are, it’s about her feelings when they first got together, and how it took her a while to navigate them.

“As much as I wanted it – and obviously I did want it because we’re together now – I didn’t trust it. I didn’t like the fact I had loved him for this long and now all of a sudden he was like ‘OK cool’. So ‘Hold On’ is about not knowing if you want to jump in. And this song is basically me saying to that person, ‘you can have me… if you can hold onto me.'” says the UK Singer. The song also features Buddy an MC from Compton who offers up the guy side of the story.

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