[New Music] Lil Peep – Benz Truck Part 2

5 Posted by - September 26, 2017 - Music, Singles

Lil Peep just released his Come Over When You’re Sober PT 1 EP, and today he’s followed it up with “Benz Truck Part 2,” a sequel to the opening track on the project. Smokeasac, the producer of the original track returns alongside Bighead. The song finds Peep exploring similar territory to much of his material. A guitar sample soundtracks his bittersweet melodies as he looks around and the people in his life and attempts to numb his pain with drugs and material things. “All I ever wanted was a friend / All I ever wanted was a brand new Benz truck,” he sing-raps. “Now I wonder where my friends gon’ end up / Money don’t help with the pain, where the drugs at? / Make a few racks, call the plug back /She like baby, where you going? When you coming back?”

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