(New Mixtape) Dee Boi – No Cut (Hosted By Bigga Rankin)

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Headed to the gym today and had the chance to catch the new Dee Boi mixtape “No Cut” which was my first sign to get in the gym and go to work! Usually a video of Dwayne Johnson working out is what pushes this writer but today 4Keeps had me cranking out the watts on the cycle bike non stop. The single, which is the first of four back to back starred tracks (super smart) had those “first day out” vibes which was fun to hear. Dee Boi brings forth a twang unlike his associated acts and brings on those hometown bars that really make the casual fan in Orlando take notice (“yeah we from Orlando don’t know nothing bout that Disney shit”). Relatable!

Can I get a witness? Nah I’m not snitching on the guy buying sticks off a flip phone, sorry. Flip phone, the second single features Balize who holds his own on the bars and brings even more melodies to this already catchy joint.

Among his most insightful tunes, “Pack on Me” highlights the woes of having a woman in the midst of running the game and finally getting that pack. His prison bid came with serious talks about his future to the OG’s and are what he says motivated him to push even harder with his music. Standout bar: “The OG asked me what tf you wanna do with your life? Go get a check eating peanut butter honey buns every night”. Surrounded by the context and the delivery, it’s actually a hard bar. Go listen.

If you don’t have a track about your love for cognac are you even a rapper? In my second favorite joint on the mixtape (number one in a sec) Dee Boi brings on the bars that explain why this tape is called “No Cut” in the first place (“fishscale in the bag that lock real fast”). Damn this hook bangs and it’s accompanied by standout bars like “mad macs my mac 11 and he hold 50, my whole unit full of G’s like we know 50”. Insert flame emoji for real.

Now I know I said that was my second favorite joint but before I get into that I’d just like to show appreciation for the layout of this mixtape on Apple Music. The four singles that I highlighted above came back to back which for all you independents out there IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. Put all your bangers first! The casual listener (all the trap I listen to is locally grown in Orlando) isn’t going to sift through your first four songs and intro to get to the banger. Especially if we’re talking about physical distribution. Smart play by Dee Boi here.

“Sweet Water” is a joint that was released on Apple Music in 2015 but it’s so strong that it belonged on this 2017 drop. Reflecting on blessings and being grateful for your health is something that we can all relate to and what makes this track so likable. Standout bar: “Niggas making death threats wanna shoot up my shows… I got a bulletproof vest 2 AR-15’s and the blood of Jesus for protection”. Holy smokes. Literally.

All in all it was a good day at the gym and very few Orlando artists get the blood pumping for this writer. Dee Boi has done it again in his latest effort.


Written By: @DasPapi

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