Meek Mill and Legal Team File Motion for Immediate Release

2 Posted by - November 17, 2017 - Entertainment, Music

Meek Mill is currently incarcerated serving a two to four-year prison sentence located in Camp Hill PA, but he has no intention of staying. The Philly rapper is lawyered up and doing everything they can to get him released from jail.
According to TMZ, Meek has already filed legal documents on Nov. 15th. Meek and his lawyers are convinced that the 2-4 year prison bid stems from Judge Genece Brinkley’s personal issues against him.
The documents include exactly what Meek’s legal team has been arguing for the past few days. The files show the rapper’s probation officer actually testifying that Meek has done well with his probation. Meek also argues that his probation should be done with because he’s matured, and has generally rehabilitated.
On November the 14th reports released that Judge Brinkley was being investigated by the F.B.I. and may have broken protocol when she allowed Meek to do business with a convicted felon. Joe Tacopina Meeks lawyer claimed that the judge apparently allowed Meek to associate with music manager Charlie Mack, who previously pled guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine.
Mack followed up and stated he has no connection to Brinkley, Tacopina says the judge tried to get Meek to leave Roc Nation and sign with her friend. Tacopina stated, “When she requests he leaves his current management Roc Nation—which is one of the most important management companies in the world—and goes back to a local Philadelphia guy who has a spotted past because she had a personal relationship with him as manager, again, she’s doing something that a judge would never be doing, having a personal interest.” Meeks defense team has filed a motion for the judge to remove herself from the case due to these accusations, we’re following close to this case stay connected plugs.

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